Looking at the pros and cons of an all-digital Xbox One S

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Dec 17, 2013
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Rumors abound that Microsoft is working on a disc-less Xbox One S, complete with a disc-to-digital trade-in program. Is now the right time for a digital future?
Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is set to unveil a disc-less Xbox One S console in 2019, aimed at becoming the cheapest Xbox console yet. The removal of the disc drive will help Microsoft reduce the manufacturing costs of the console even further, making the Xbox ecosystem even more accessible.
Microsoft attempted to foster a digital-focused future with the Xbox One back in 2013, creating a significant backlash. The Xbox One was supposed to be an always-online console with regular online DRM checks, where physical games came with a license attached, limiting the repeated resale potential of the title in question. Only participating retailers would have been able to "unlock" the disc from your Microsoft account for the sake of resale. Microsoft kicked its plans into touch after the community rejected Redmond pushing too hard on digital, contributing to the lead Sony has now with PlayStation 4.
With the past behind it, Microsoft is once again exploring the prospect of a digitally-focused console, but is now the right time?

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