Loot boxes are ruining video games — and only you can stop it

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Dec 17, 2013
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Games are increasingly being developed for monetization and not for enjoyment. This is something that needs to be reversed ... before it's too late.
"Loot boxes" are, unfortunately, becoming the norm in the gaming industry. This isn't a good thing. Gaming is a medium that has allowed me to spend thousands of hours in virtual worlds escaping real life. While microtransactions have a place in free-to-play titles, game publishers are now attempting to absorb as much money from consumers as possible with in-game gambling, a.k.a., "loot crates."
Loot crates have been around for some time, though mainly in free-to-play mobile games. With free games being released on PC, as well, companies are no longer relying solely on optional cosmetics, but now loot crates (or gambling). The system works by using an in-game currency (or real money) to allow players to unlock random crates, boxes or even chests that house a selection of randomized "loot." Some you may already own, others you may not. In instances like Overwatch and League of Legends, the system is done rather well and only really contains cosmetic items. It also supports the developer to roll out more content on a regular basis, but it doesn't negate the fact it's still gambling.

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