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Lost all vice recognition after updating cyan to lumia 920


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I performed the two up dates to get w8.1 on 920 Lumina. Seemed to go flawlessly. On re-start one of my contacts became un-testable saying read only msg (resorted to Viber to confirm this, all other contacts worked fine) restarted a couple of times and text issue resolved. However have now lost the phone narrator voice search for bing and text dictator. No voice related apps seem to be in my list. Cortana was there briefly after update but she's vamoosed too. What now?


New member
Apr 3, 2013
Being the owner of a very picky L920 my issue has always been that after an update I needed to hard reset simply to avoid possible issues.

This may be your only option or using Nokia Software Recovery Tool which basically results in the same thing. Keep in mind the both wipe your phone clean of data.

As for Cortana, it depends on what country you're in whether you have it on WP8.1 or WP8.1.1 (available on WP DP) or not at all.

Not sure what else to tell you.

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