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lumi 720 accidentaly went to factory default

sumesh meppully

New member
Aug 14, 2014
Hi all,

just wanted to know is there a way to recover the document and photos from the phone ( SD card) after a factory reset.

my lumia 720 was locked and my kid was playing with that. i dont know which keys she pressed, but when i saw the phone it was saying good bye. i thought it is powered down, but realized soon that it is resetting when i saw the wheels rotating.

mine was 8.1 developer preview and i had enabled backup for everything. i got the option to restore from my backup and it did restore all app settings and some of the text messages. but i didnt get my photos back. strange part is my sd card was wiped out. i never knew that hard reset will touch the sd card.

i had one important document which has all of my password and i lost that!!!:(. also some music which i can skip.

is there any way to recover at least the document file? i dont understand what is the cloud backup doing if it cant recover the files.

any help appreciated.



New member
Jul 18, 2012
When you factory reset, it asks you if you want to wipe the memory card as well, looks like your kid wiped it.

1. Look for a data recovery software on the internet. Use a memory card reader to try recover the data. Eg

You will have to spend some money, I am personally not Aware of a free software.

2. For images and videos, go to OneDrive.com

3. Store your documents on OneDrive going forward.