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lumia 1020 deleted photo


WPCentral Question

My pc reads my lumia in 1020 under his own name and it makes me navigate through the folders but the various programs I've used to detect deleted files not detected as a unit and therefore do not scan. For Windows Phone 7, there is a configuration of regedit that allows you to make visible the external device as a unit but have not found anything similar to this that Windows Phone 8 In fact, I had the brilliant idea of ​​using storyteller, but going to delete history I had created, I did not realize I even deleted all the photos related to that. I do not have the automatic backup on skydrive and I had not done any backup. I also tried to connect the device to my PC (which has Windows 8.1), but none of the data recovery programs / photos have found the device to be scanned and recover deleted data. Can you tell me if there is a way to recover deleted photos? Thanks in advance