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Lumia 925 Vod-DE (with UK ee sim) freezes if 3g and over whenb browsing


New member
Aug 2, 2014
Hi All,
I'm very confused as have just entered the WP world on maybe the wrong way..

I bought a Lumia 925 off a chap in Germany which states vod-de in the 'about' area.

I have put a new EE sim in the phone and it call out, sends receives texts perfectly. The only issue I have is with the data browsing.

I can surf the net via wifi all day long...if however, i dont use Wifi and use the sim (which has 50mb odf data roaming with it) all works fine on 2g, but as soon as I try 3G or 4g the phone instantly locks up and needs resetting..

Is this phone locked to Vodaphone even though I can call / receive calls, send and receive txtx, mms etc?

or is the phone duff...!

Thanks in advance