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Lumia x30 series ??

Ashish Saraf1

New member
May 7, 2013
hey guys..i have been using WP since its inception (HTC HD7) and own lumia 520 now.

Here in India..due to Diwali festival Flipkart is offering lumia 920 for INR 18k or 290$.

Should i go ahead and buy this or wait for new phones ie 3rd generation of lumia phones or even wait for 22nd october launch ?

this is because 920 is almost a year old model and furthermore i cannot extend my budget beyond 300$ since there aint no contract system in INDIA !!

so looking at this budget what you all suggest ?


New member
Jul 10, 2012
Whoa....its a no brainer, buy it before it sells out! For $279 unlocked its a steal. Heck its even cheaper than a 820. As of waiting for the event, only high-end devices are going to be launched, and newly launched devices are expensive anyways after launch.