MageQuit is a fun, family-friendly spellcasting brawler

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Dec 17, 2013
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Bowlcut Studios delivers a fantastic party title perfect for groups big or small.
MageQuit is the debut title from Bowlcut Studios. It's a top-down multiplayer brawler akin to games like Knight Squad, where players are divided into teams or duke it out in a free-for-all. Players draft spells between rounds, growing their magical arsenal in a unique way every match. Some spells benefit a more aggressive playstyle, dealing damage quickly, while others are of a protective, healing nature.
The game uses a simple art style that looks clean and works well for the tone of the gameplay. Online and couch co-op are both supported, so up to ten players can fight online or up to eight locally on a single Xbox One. With the promise of further support and coming in at just $15, this is a great party game to add to your collection.

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