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Many, many threads asking the same..

Mad Cabbie

Retired Ambassador
Jun 9, 2015
Just had a flick through these fine boards, and a lot of threads are 'can I use this as a daily driver' on my XYZ.....

It's a preview. It's your choice. Do a search on the boards, the info is out there.

Do you have the software to roll back?

Are YOU confident in YOUR ability to recover YOUR device.

Would you be happy if it installed incorrectly and bricked your phone

Yes, it's good to seek advice, but remember opinions are subjective, and your device may not behave in the same way. Why ask if it would work as a daily, when, again, a search can reveal many threads where "Experienced" users have rolled back.

You pay your money, you take your chances.

Now, where's the next build.....