Massive Battery Drain

Joseph Pua

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May 3, 2013
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Ok. So I've had this 820 for the past 8 months. But then recently (2 days ago) the battery went nuts. I'm losing 2% every 5 minutes, opposed to 2% every hour.

I'm on amber.

The things that have happened in between my phone being normal and it going nuts were:
Facebook Beta was updated (uninstalled)
Hardware Tests was updated (uninstalled)
Sys app Pusher was updated
The three above probably didn't cause it

Next two:
My plan was cancelled: I'm a bit behind on payments on it... So could it be randomly trying to search for signal?
I removed my micro sd card and put it into my computer to view the files inside before returning it into my phone... (I did all this before turning on the phone again. However, I did not safely eject the sd card from the phone so there may have been some problems?)

Whatever the issue, my phone has not been hot such as times when gaming. However, it has always been slightly warmer to the touch than before it had this issue. The heat issue is fixed when I go into airplane mode.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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Oct 4, 2013
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Hi, Can you please check if your connection is 3g/4g and when there is no enough signal, it falls back to EDGE (2g) and at this point it search hard to swicth back to 3g/4g so it drains battery quick and also generate lot of heat. Also keep wifi disabled when u dont want or use them.

When your phone get heat and drains quickly, turn ur phone off for a while and turn on, this happens to me sometimes and it always works...

Hope this helps...


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Mar 22, 2013
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I occasionally get super battery drain (battery drains from 100% to 5% or dead within 2-3 hours) its really strange coz otherwise i always get good battery back up which last around 1 day. I use 2g when im out and wifi at home and its on amber as well. Just recently when i realised the battery was draining faster than usual (5% every 2-3 min) i restarted my phone and everything was back to normal. Weird issue though its quite rare


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Jul 11, 2013
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Hi Joseph Pua if you are running Amber there is a little mind game if you have upgraded your set with your own variant code thats very good but you are using an other variant codes lumia 820 so there is a probelem battery drains quickly because there is a issue with other Cellphone Rom you can upgrade just your own variant given code and block all background application and Off your data connection and if you are not using Wifi off it and BT and brightness on the low level auto adjustment its toooooooooooooo few days ago i was facing same probelem after Amber updates then i think what to do i think that why should not i try it own variant code now iam feeling too good... LOL

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