Memos AI: A notes app for your voice, with HIGHLY accurate, AI powered, speech to text


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May 17, 2023
Hello all! Happy to be making my first post here 😊.

I wanted to share my latest app on the Microsoft Store, Memos AI (this is a huge update of an older app of mine, it is a completely new rewrite of the original). Memos AI is a voice notes app focused on fast, highly accurate speech to text. From my testing at least, on my Surface Pro X, the transcription quality rivals the Google Recorder app on Android. If you like it, id appreciate a review as the current reviews are for the old deprecated version.


For all the developers, it is a PWA, but more than that, it is a "Windows First" PWA. It uses some of the latest features in Edge to feel native and integrated on Windows 11.

As you can see from the screenshot, Memos AI uses Fluent Design, but the Windows integration goes deeper than this. For example:
- It uses app badging in the taskbar for a quick glanceable "am I recording or not" experience
- Your PC will not go dark while recording, Memos AI is able to tell Windows that there is activity going on, even if the PC is not being interacted with physically (such as if you are recording a lecture in the background, while not sitting at your PC)
- It has a custom title bar, making the best use of space
- Fast, smooth animations, yes, really, really fast.
- Drag and Drop support

and more! I was able to accomplish the high-quality user experience I was looking for with a PWA, while this makes it incredibly easy to also run the app cross-platform. It has a great mobile design too.

I wrote a post on my blog that dives into how I built it

The app is also open source
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