Microsoft is building cloud-native Xbox games, but what does that mean?

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft enlists Portal and Left 4 Dead co-creator to build cloud-native games.
Since 2013, Microsoft has touted the "power of the cloud" to deliver the next wave of gameplay innovation to Xbox and Windows PC. Microsoft's prowess in the cloud has yielded many tangible benefits many of us now ultimately take for granted.
I saw a post on Twitter last week describing a scenario where someone was able to retrieve a 12-year old Xbox 360 save, and bring it all the way forward to Xbox Series X gen-9 consoles, using Microsoft's investments in free cloud saves for the platform.
Thank you @Xbox. I was able to load my Xbox 360 digital copy of Secret of the Monkey Island special edition on my Series X in just minutes and it picked up my cloud save game from 12 years ago 😍💚
— Tony | GOML (@Commodus) June 20, 2021
We also have Xbox cloud gaming, included with Xbox Game Pass, colloquially dubbed "xCloud." You can load up and play dozens of titles from any modern Android device, and soon, any device with a web browser, thanks to the website. Microsoft is expanding its Azure footprint to new territories too, opening up new data centers in Africa and Asia, with Xbox Series X-level upgrades coming to Xbox cloud gaming in the coming months ahead.
What about cloud as pertains to game design, though? Yesterday, Microsoft revealed it's making some big moves in that space too, picking up where Google Stadia ultimately dropped the ball. Here's what you need to know about its plan to develop "cloud-native" games for Xbox.

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