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Microsoft just doesn't get the consumer market — and that could be a fatal flaw


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Dec 17, 2013

Microsoft may have a fatal flaw. Despite a record of innovation and introducing new technologies, it repeatedly misinterprets the consumer market.
Microsoft has missed several categories that have driven personal computing forward. If the company had missed one, perhaps two that lack of foresight could be labeled an anomaly.

Sadly, the number of categories now defining personal computing where Microsoft's either absent or weakly represented suggests a deficit inherent to the company's culture rather than isolated incidents of poor decision-making.

In a candid talk titled Courageous Design Microsoft's General Manager of Design, Research and Product Incubation, Jon Friedman, discussed several products Microsoft killed. The SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) Watch, Microsoft Kin, Ultramobile PCs and Microsoft Courier were forward-looking devices Friedman highlighted. Windows phone, Zune, and Groove join these as products Microsoft let flounder in the increasingly important consumer space now driving personal computing's evolution.

Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...

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