Microsoft made Android Windows-friendly — but the work is far from done

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Dec 17, 2013
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I'm a big fan of Microsoft's services and support on Android, but there are still too many Microsoft ecosystem apps and services that are either half-baked, or simply not available. Here's what I'd like to see Redmond do next.
For Windows 10 Mobile users, it has been a painful couple of years. After months of virtual silence, Microsoft unceremoniously announced it was leaving its phone users high and dry, as Windows 10 Mobile entered maintenance mode. No more features are planned for Microsoft's zombie phone platform, save for security patches to support the company's dwindling mobile business portfolio.
Thankfully, for those invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, Redmond's support of Android is fairly good. The clean and speedy Microsoft Launcher app makes it easy to access all of your services at a glance. Cortana can replace Google's own assistant, you can set up and sync Microsoft Edge as your browser, too. OneDrive, Office, OneNote, and Office Lens are available in force, and even Xbox has an app.
However, for users switching across from Windows 10 Mobile, there are still a few services and apps that I've missed. Here are just a few.

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