Microsoft should just bite the bullet and release Surface Andromeda already

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Dec 17, 2013
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Source: Concept artist David Breyer.
The Surface Andromeda tablet is the most exciting product Microsoft may never release. I say grow a spine.
Expectations revolving around Microsoft's unannounced Surface Andromeda are reaching particularly ridiculous levels, I say ridiculous because this thing hasn't even been announced.
Owing to leaks, patent filings, code snippets from the Fast Ring, and other rumors, we have a fairly complete picture of what Andromeda may look like. A folding tablet, with telephony, inking, powered by a new Windows variant OS, running apps from the Microsoft Store. Andromeda would be a versatile powerhouse that, sure, might not replace the average consumer's smartphone, but I've seen enough people carrying iPads around in tandem with their laptops and smartphones, all at once, to know that this thing has a market, albeit niche.
I have zero doubts about the engineering prowess of Panos Panay's Surface team. Like with the Microsoft Courier, what could prevent Andromeda's release is company politics and the cowardice of upper management. I say grow a spine, Microsoft.

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Nov 13, 2013
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Sadly another MS product that has been thrown on to the funeral pyre without ever having had a chance to exist. MS are getting brutal now and just abort products now. At least Groove, Windows Phone, MS Band and MS Band 2 were actually given a chance. Maybe MS has lost faith in its own ability to product products that people want in the mobile space?


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Apr 1, 2012
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Another round of over-the-top over exaggeration based on wild conjecture and baseless innuendo. This is McLaren all over again except McLaren was never going to be released and Microsoft even said so.

This so-called Surface Phone is not ready. It's a well known fact that Windows 10 Pro does not run very well on Qualcomm chips and even if it did, apps would be forced to be 32-bit and not x64. This means it would be probably be running S-Mode or something similar. Now, for that to be fruitful you would need Store apps which at present, there are very few. PWAs were supposed to bridge that gap but as of this writing, there are even fewer. Now tell me, how the f**k is Microsoft supposed to release something that is guaranteed to fail if said PWAs are not widely available yet? I'm not even going to get into hardware, those panels need to be made by someone not named Microsoft.

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