Microsoft's 'tech intensity' is about assimilating companies into its cloud

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft's goal to make Azure the world's computer needs the support of everyone and every business everywhere. That's where the company's new buzzword 'tech intensity' comes in.
During its annual Build developer's conference, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella communicated the company's ambitious goal to make its Azure cloud platform the world's computer. Simply put, more devices are becoming connected, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is making billions of computers of all shapes and sizes part of our environment.

Microsoft's Intelligent Edge is the portion of the cloud that brings the power and intelligence of multi-sense cloud computing closest to users. These connected devices are expected to continue evolving in their abilities to perceive and respond to users. Microsoft's goal is for all connected devices and digital experiences to run on Azure – the world's computer.

For this "world computer" vision to work, our digital experiences must flow smoothly across contexts while optimally benefitting from all of our data with no barriers to our individual and shared digital experiences. This would make all of our digital experiences part of a vast platform from which Azure intelligence can extrapolate data to benefit each user individually and all users as a whole. For example, individual users' digital behavior carries with them across mobile, web, IoT social, advertising and other digital experiences. Currently, the data associated with these experiences is "siloed" and not comprehensively interconnected for the user nor (where relevant) available to other companies. Microsoft's "tech intensity" and Open Data Initiative aim to eradicate these barriers.

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