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Mount your Vive lighthouses without putting holes in the wall


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Put the drill down and back away slowly.
HTC's guidelines for the Vive's setup makes mounting its lighthouses incredibly easy, as long as you're cool with drilling holes in your walls. Each kit includes a couple of mounting brackets that only take a couple of minutes each to put up, but what if drilling holes isn't something you're up for?
No worries! Drilling the mounting brackets into your wall isn't a necessity. In fact, HTC designed the Vive lighthouses with this in mind. The back and bottom of the lighthouses come with threaded holes, which happen to fit just about every camera mount ever made, making it easy to attach to tripods and stands. Let's take a look at a few mounting options that don't involve losing your damage deposit or require repair later down the road.

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