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Music between WP8 and Win 8


New member
Nov 7, 2011
Ok... so after scanning the forum a bit I suspect this is a sore subject, but I have to ask, just for clarity...

If I buy a song on my WP8 phone, can I then have it sync onto my Win8 PC? If I buy a song/album on my Win8 PC, will it automatically sync to my WP8 phone?

Some of my songs on my WP8 phone have the "cloud" symbol next to them, which I'm presuming means that they are not downloaded to the phone and play over the cloud. How can I force them to download to the phone so I can play my music in places with bad reception? Can I force them ALL to download?

Is there a way to disable cloud music entirely so that all songs are fully downloaded to my device?

Is there a website that actually talks about what the symbols really mean - like - documentation? Cuz otherwise I'm just guessing what all these little squiggley icons mean...

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated... :)


New member
Sep 10, 2012
1st) Yes, if you buy a song on phone or PC, it will upload to your cloud as long as both devices are on same account. It works both ways. Now, you have to manually download to phone but PC can be set up to auto download all music in your cloud in settings. Basically, if you buy and download to phone and have PC setup to auto dload, all music will be dload on both devices.

2nd) The cloud symbol means song is synced with cloud. All other devices can see it. Also, it is on your device internal memory. The antenna symbol means you will be streaming song because it is not stored on device. Long press on song and select download to get locally stored.

Antenna-not locally stored. Stream only.
No symbol-music is locally stored but not synced to cloud for other devices.
Cloud-stored locally and synced to cloud for other devices to see and stream.

If you have songs without cloud symbol on PC you can manually sync them. Select song or album and open bottom tool bar. I think it is other options or more and there you can select which album and then which song on MS syncs with your song. You can not do this on phone. Only RT and w8.

Once you understand the hierarchy it isn't as bad as most make it out to be. Anything else?

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