My Email To Snapchat

Daniel Olsen

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May 3, 2013
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Through the snap chat support page, I sent an email tonight. I hope it will actually be read, and not just tossed aside. We can only hope!

Here's the message:

" I'm very sorry on behalf of all Windows Phone users for the disrespect that has been coming your way.

I've been looking at some of the things people have been saying to you on twitter and lots of them are just downright embarrassing.

I want you to know that those who spread these ignorant and slanderous words do not reflect the general demographic of Windows Phone users, and I encourage you to keep ignoring them like you have been; they don't deserve a response.

What I am asking though, is that you do respond to those who have been asking respectfully and with good intentions. These are people who are your customers. You are a business. Isn't the purpose of a business to attract customers? Right now there are MANY customers knocking on your door, anxious to use your product, and you're only peeking nervously out the window!

If you are working on an app, but are just keeping it a secret- FANTASTIC! I, and many others, would be excited to know! If not, well, that's disappointing. But either way, we deserve to know. At least a small hint. Since you insist on being so nonverbal about it, why not just post a picture with the windows logo hidden somewhere in it? No words added! This would allow you to maintain the secrecy while also building the hype.

So again,I just hope that the disrespectful words have not ruined it for those of us who have been patiently waiting. We don't want to be left in the dark. AND WHAT YOU DON'T WANT.. is to become a company with a bad reputation. Company's only gain bad reputations through bad customer service, and bad customer service through bad communication. Please communicate :)

Hope to see you support us soon,

-a Windows Phone user
For the entire Windows phone community :)"

For those who say they don't see a reason that windows needs snap chat: It is actually very necessary for the growth of the platform! Without this app,I can't see windows phone EVER becoming more successful without it. There are simply too many people who use it far more than they use any other app. And windows phone can never be taken seriously without it.


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Jul 10, 2014
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It's a great email but unfortunately, if they haven't understood what windows users want from them they will never be convinced. They would already have their mind made up whichever way that would be. We can only wait and see but unfortunately we have already waited years...