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Dec 17, 2013
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Yesterday was an important day for Microsoft. With the announcement of the Surface Pro 3, Redmond is continuing to show that they?re in this for the long-haul and perhaps more importantly, they?re actively improving upon their previous work. A Surface Mini was not revealed as expected, but it sounds like for good reason, including the possibility of it contradicting the ?one device to rule them all? message.
Sitting in the same room with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Stephen Elop and the who?s who in tech media, it was fascinating to watch Panos Panay ? the corporate vice president for Surface Computing at Microsoft ? take the stage and sell us on the idea of the Surface Pro 3. Soon after the now familiar promo ad for the device, the audience cheered and enthusiastically clapped. It was an odd thing because it felt genuine; people were seriously excited about this announcement.
Fast forward 24 hours and most of the ?new tech high? has worn off, and a few of us who have the Surface Pro 3 are digging deep into this new creation. Being sold on the idea is one thing, but using it and actually liking it is another. While it?s much too early for a review, here are some of my first thoughts on the Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft?s chances of success with it.

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