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My internet data is draining by system!!help


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Jul 25, 2013
I have a strange problem. I'm using Nokia Lumia 620 running dev preview 8.1. Recently I got some serious problem my internet data,it is decreasing day by day. I'm not an extreme internet user, but all I do is chatting mainly WhatsApp (with its image ,video,audio auto downloading disabled) and also my background data settings is in "when I'm near limit" . My Internet data pack is draining by some settings.I donno which one, but when i checked with data sense usage....it says my data is mostly used by an app called"system". What the hell is that ??

I have double checked

#phone update settings
#syncing settings
#background app usage
# backup settings
#Automatic app updates

But non of these things are turned "on" , but I couldn't figure it out why it draining so much data. All I can do is to set background data restrictions to "Always" in data sense to avoid this issues, but with restriction settings "on" WhatsApp will not open.

Plz ...any help,will shed light on this issue. Thankswp_ss_20140629_0003.png
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May 1, 2014
You are wellcome :) it is developer preview mehhh...hard reset solves everything :))))