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Nov 27, 2012
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Hey everyone, I posted here last week stating I was considering making the switch from Android to WP8........cut to the chase - I did it! I ended up walking into a AT&T store near where I work and proceeded to let my negotiation skills take it from there.

What helped was I had read a thread on here where a user was able to talk to AT&T customer care after that Black Friday deal had ended and got them to match the $49.99 price on the 920. I used that for leverage and my guy agreed to match the price but with a catch I had to buy a couple of accessories. I was hesitant and told him I would consider it and needed a day and verified he would honor the price and he stated he would if I came back.

I went back to the store two days later and he had just left and the rep needed to verify his discussion with the manager. I told the rep that I was also going to buy a 920 for my wife as well. After further discussions the manager of the store said since I was going to buy two of them she would give them to me for $0, I had to buy some accessories and that I could not get the wireless pads.....that's how she was offering me that price on the phones so I said done. She also gave me a deal on one of the cases since she had to have my wifes's 920 picked up from another store and I got the last 920 they had. I ended up walking out with two white 920's, two speck candy shell cases and a charging stand.

Last night on my way home I decided to call customer care and told them that the store was not able to get the order in the system for me, guy places me on hold then comes back on stating my two charging pads were ordered in their system, confirmed my shipping address and stated I should receive them in around 3-5 days. I received my confirmation email from them and couldn't be more happier - love this 920 and WP8!:excited:

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