My WP8 Review (Coming from Iphone 4S)


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Jun 4, 2013
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Hi people. I'm Caio speaking from Brazil. Just bought my Ativ S with WP8 and I would like to write my considerations about this new device / OS Mobile. Hope someone read and take some positive opinions about it.

I came from Iphone 4s. My first Iphone was the 3G, after two years bought the 4s, but after some problems with my mobile phone like wireless stop running, no expansive memory and the prision way life of Apple, I decide change my mobile phone. I work with computers and I have a computer cience bachelor's degree. I love Windows and Microsoft, I know there are some errors and issues but nothing is perfect in this life. And the way Microsoft choose to bring the simply and friendly life in computers to the humans is awesome. Of course I have my experience with others OS, but let's talk what matters.

Device - Samsung Ativ S
Well, I came from a Iphone 4s... If I say Ativ S is beautiful than Iphone I'm laying. The Iphone layout is awesome!! The size, the weight, the material... this mobile phone is perfect if we discuss about the layout. Ativ S also is beautiful, but I don't like the size. Is too big... Ok, the mobile is thin than Iphone... but the size of the screen is too exaggerated. I bought this mobile by internet, just seeing some reviews... I didn't see the mobile phone in my hands, just after it arrive by post. And I did the error to not measure the size before buy. But now it's ok, It's just a question of accustom, but I don't have courage to walk with my mobile without case and screen protectors, different of Iphone.
I could buy the HTC 8x that is a little small than S... that's also an awesome mobile phone... but this mobile don't have mini card input, and HTC in Brazil are not very strong. The 8X doesn't exist in Brazil, so I will had to import it, and the guarantee will be outside the country... not a good deal! That's the reasons I didn't buy it.
About the hardware power of Ativ S... I don't have nothing against... it run my applications with no delay or lags... until now!

Windows Phone 8

First impression... WOOOOW.... beautiful OS... with many cool icons changing all the times... fist impression was nice... also how it change the screens... is awesome! Much beautiful than IOS. Also the way to send and receive files from my friends by bluetooth is a feeling of freedom life that I couldn't see that in Apple, also very cool. The keyboard is nice, almost same thing of IOS.
The ideia of how you can organize the icons is better than IOS... the photo icon(that stay showing your photos) is very... very nice.. also the Persons(that is your contact list) is very beaultiful...! But as I said... nothing is perfect in this life!!!

The ideia of bring your @Hotmail or @msn account into your mobile... and show everybody you have in your mail list in your contact list.... :crying: Horrible!!!! I have many emails in my mails list from people that I had contact just one time... I will not see this person again... so what's he doing in my contact list???? :angry:
And for my surprise... if I don't enter my email account in WP8, I can't save contacts.... Well, I can save contacts, but it will not appear in my contact list... no good... no good... I had to spend good hours deleting the guys I don't have contact anymore, and I didn't finish yet.

The application for this mobile phone also is very sad.... I don't use facebook application(horrible application), just see it in IE.... and some times it give some errors... and also the way you see the photos is not comfortable like Facebook's IOS. The Itsdagram(client from instagram) is good... not very good like in IOS, but it's good... also whatsapp don't have all functions that I could see in IOS, and sometime it's stop to run... :cry:
The applications of WP8 are very limited, and when u find something you looking for, this application will not work 100%(nor the most famous, like youtube, twitter and others)... unhappy I don't see an application that work 100% in my new mobile phone(nor the most famous, like youtube, twitter and others)... now I understand why is so difficult post an app in Apple Store... they like perfection... and it's look like Microsoft and Google don't follow the same idea.

Well, I can say I'm happy and not happy to change my mobile phone from Apple to Microsoft... I could stay free of Apple military... but now I'm stuck in the imperfection of WP8 applications. But I have sure this will change... cause I'm sure WP8 will pass IOS... it's just a case of time.

I would like to say more things about it but I'm not with time right now.

Sorry about bad English.

Cheers. :angel:


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May 19, 2012
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Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated.

I have a lot of contacts also, and I was frustrated at first with too many to scroll through. However, once I started to create groups, it became much easier. I created a family group, clients, company, etc. You can also then pin the group to your start screen. This allows you to keep everyone in your contacts (when they call, you'll know who they are), yet still quickly get to those contacts that are important to you. You can also send text messages or emails to that group.

I have a Windows 7.8 device - in Windows Phone 8, they changed the name from groups to something else, but they work basically the same.

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