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Next major Xbox One update will pack avatars, backward compatibility and more


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

The Xbox One fall update is now available to the public. However, a second wave of features is still on track for later this year.
Following the release of the Xbox One fall update, the console has seen a huge range of new features that not only improve existing devices but also lay the foundations for the Xbox One X launch. Among the update's biggest changes are a new user interface influenced by Microsoft's "Fluent Design System," a redesigned modular Home and a snappier Guide menu with tweaks for improved efficiency. Further expansions of the Xbox One's content creation tools, social experiences and other new features have made this one of the biggest refreshes to the platform since its launch.
Although some notable changes have been made, Microsoft is already laying the foundations for the next update in the pipeline. Another major update is now expected to drop before the end of the year, delivering a second wave of highly-anticipated features to all Xbox One consoles. Here's everything we're expecting later this year as a part of the next Xbox One update.

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