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Nokia 820 Data munching


New member
Dec 7, 2012
Hi - I've had the 820 for nearly three weeks now and its eaten up nearly all of my 750MB data allowance :unhappysweat:.

This is very strange. I work from home and so am nearly always on wifi. My previous smartphone only managed to go over 500MB allowance a couple of times.

I've just turned off the data connection. But does this mean I'm really going to have to opt into data to use it each time to avoid this problem? Why isn't the phone using wifi first and data only of wifi not available? Anyone else having these problems?:confused:

Otherwise I'm really liking the phone and haven't had crashes, scratches or strange screens.

Thanks for any help



New member
Nov 18, 2012
WiFi doesn't kick in straight away, it turns off when your screen locks. If you start an app before it connects back to wifi it continues to use your mobile data. Rubbish but that's how it is for now, there is an update coming to sort it so they say but for now wait until your wifi connects before starting an app.