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Nokia Lumia 525 Heat Up and battery drains too fast


New member
Sep 1, 2014
So I updated my nokia Lumia 525 to the latest software update (WP 8.0). Before update the phone was very good condition, it did not heat up ad battery used to last more than a day. After the update phone gets very hot and battery drains within 4 hours. I have only installed few apps Whatsapp, Viber, skype, weather and Shazam. I close all background runnings apps, and it gives me this issue. First I thought it was email because it kept syncing. I stop email syncing and it is having the same issue. I bought this phone brand new 2 weeks ago. Can anyone from microsoft please check this bug?

P.S. I have deactivated bluetooth, NFC everything else. The phone is used by my mother so she uses only phone calls, whatsapp and Viber. Nothing else.

Thank You.