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Nokia Lumia 822 on't turn on/won't sync to my microsoft account


New member
Jul 27, 2013
so I got this phone yesterday and I'm already having issues. First, when I was setting up and syncing my email and facebook and stuff, it wouldn't sync with my microsoft account, which is the most important apparently because I need this account to work to install updates and download apps and such. Second, when i attempted to install Netflix, it said I had to go to a website and set up "My Family", where it asked me to enter mine and my parents' microsoft account. Which doesn't even apply to us since I have the only smart phone in the house, therefore the only microsoft account so that we can watch Netflix from our Xbox. And lastly, I woke up this morning and it won't turn on. It shut off when I tapped the screen and now I can't get it to turn on. The screen lights up like it's going to turn on, showing the windows logo and the nokia logo, but then it just keeps repeating. This has been going on for about 10 minutes now. I tried plugging it in, thinking maybe it just needed to charge, but showed no signs of charging. I took the battery out a couple of times, didn't help. I'm afraid to do a hard reset because it says that everything will be lost, which is a problem because the phone I just came from died, so that's why I got a new one. And when the lady tried transferring all of my contacts, there was an issue. So I got that phone on just long enough to enter all my contacts (manually..) and I don't want to have to do that all again. However, maybe it would be good to just start with a clean slate and go back to the verizon store to get help completely getting everything set up and ready to go.
I feel like there's just something I'm missing probably, since this is my first smartphone and there's already so many problems, maybe it's just me. I'm just very confused and lost. Please help...

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