Nokia Lumia 9xx/1020 vs Iphone 5s/c


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Jan 15, 2013
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When the iPhone 5s/c came out a few days ago I was actually quite surprise about what comments everyone made. I actually watched the entire launch of it and boy was I dumb struck.

Firstly everyone says the new iPhones have the best camera in the market (this is coming from forums and the launch it self). Now ether those who quoted that ether never use any other phone apart from the iPhone are I just in denial. I'll say it right here and now, all iPhone cameras seriously suck! All they are just marketing! You take any Nokia even the 520 it will produce better image quality compared to the one on the iPhone 5. Compering to the 920,925 and the 1020 that's overkill man. Seriously don't iPhone people know they all have just been marketed?

Secondly the processor 64 bit? I agree that's innovation pushed high and far. But have you seen a windows phone with a processor smaller then that ever lag? WP phone is made just so that it will always remain smooth regardless what you throw at it. Unlike android which lags regardless what Samsung puts into it haha!

Thirdly, the 5c ... First they copy WP interface for the new IOS 7 now they copy Nokia with their mono body plastic. I know Nokia did not invent color, but they were the first to introduce dye color poly.
Basically the 5c is just an iPhone 5 with a plastic body.. Again just marketing. There is absolutely nothing new about it. Just software update.

Soo now what else can you guys say about this new so called product of Apple.


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Oct 30, 2012
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(Below opinions are mine and mine alone)
iPhone's camera is indeed 'one' of the best in the market right now. I don't know if it is the best , this is subjective to the viewer since someone might like saturated images and I might like natural colors.

the 64 Bit processor IMO is just future proofing iOS, it is done so that developers start developing apps for 64 bit and when the time comes when every mobile device is 64 BIt Apple will have a big chunk of its apps supporting 64 bit processors. It is just a start.

The have taken a few aspects from Windows Phone I agree, but it is due the fact that those features are very good. Even if they take them it is obvious that we consumers are benefitted from it.I am open to the fact that each OS should keep learning from other OSes on how to improve theirs. I hate the fugly icons though , GameCenter yugghgh :\ ..

They will market it well in US and will sell a lot more of them. It is inevitable, I think the resale value for plastic iPhones will be lesser and 549$ is stretching it. They can only go so far with an app ecosystem.

Finally, I think they will sell a lot of iPhones and market these a lot.

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