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Nokia prevails in German Patent Lawsuit against HTC, device injunction could follow


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

A German Court has ruled in favor of Nokia in litigation against HTC for patent infringement.* The Munich I Regional Court handed Nokia a Germany-wide patent injunction against all HTC Android devices (including the HTC One) that infringes on Nokia?s patent on connecting devices over NFC or Bluetooth to transfer resource information such as a URL (European Patent 1148681).
Under German law, HTC can appeal this ruling but must convince an Appeals Court that they are ?more likely than not? to succeed with the appeal.* In the meantime, Nokia can choose to enforce the injunction on a provisional basis by posting a $400 million Euro (a little over $552 million U.S.) bond just in case HTC wins the appeal.* This would include a recall of infringing devices from resellers and commercial users.

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