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Nokia Software Recovery Tool doesn't recognise my 1020

Alex Dean

New member
Dec 7, 2012
As a Dev Preview user, I tried resetting my phone back to 8.0 so I could have the Cyan firmware installed on my 1020 along with 8.1 Update 1, however the program won't recognise the device:


The Software Updater for Retail says the exact same thing too. If it helps, my device is a phone that I assume was given out at the Telefonica launch event last year, so it's a rare unlocked, UK country variant 64GB model:


Any ideas on how to rectify this? Or if not, any ETA on when the Cyan update can be expected to be available for Dev Preview users? I have a 930 as my daily driver now but, as an amateur photographer and filmmaker the 1020 is still a highly useful device for me.