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Oct 18, 2010
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I am a long time Windows Mobile user that has gone to the iPhone and then onto android while I wait for MS to get it right.
I am enjoying Android and the notification bar is great. Can someone tell me how notifications work in WP7? Please tell me its not all about the live tiles as if my Android is anything to go by I have 100+ apps and at least 15 of them tell me things via notifications.
They wont all fit on the screen.

Hope they thought of this as this is why I moved away from the iPhone due to the very poor notifications.

Any help appriciated.




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Oct 12, 2010
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Anandtech has a pretty detailed review of WP7 that includes how notifications work. Here's an excerpt that describes one of the shortcomings:

It’s sort of a hybrid combination of WebOS’ notification system. The only small concern I have is that after a toast fades away, there’s no way to see it again... It’s a tremendously minor gripe, but it’s important to differentiate that WebOS keeps those notifications at the bottom until they’re dismissed, WP7 dismisses them for you after a few seconds

I don't know if I would call that "minor"...

[URL="]Ars Technica[/URL] also had a detailed review and the author contrasted WP7 notifications with Android's:

The status bar is also used for textual notifications that are called "toast" notifications. If WiFi networks are detected, for example, a little notification slides down to tell you so. Clicking notifications takes you to the application they belong to. The notifications are certainly clean and elegant, but overall I would take Android's notification system any day; the mere fact that it lets notifications persist until I manually clear them makes it far superior to the system found on both iOS and Windows Phone 7. Once a toast notification has come and gone, there's no way to get it back.

The # of missed calls, e-mails and texts also appear on the lock screen and in their respective live tiles but it seems like a mistake to have the toast notifications disappear so quickly before the user has addressed them. I imagine that such behavior isn't extremely difficult for Microsoft to change- hopefully they'll address in their initial updates.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the notifications in action on some wp7-related videos posted on youtube but I can't remember which ones...maybe Mobile Burn?

Third-party apps can utilize push notifications. I'm not sure if these notifications are restricted to live tiles or are also incorporated into toast notifications. I was watching a video for the weatherbug app earlier and the developer mentioned badges on the live tile, so maybe it's the former.
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