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November 19th - Nokia Shareholder Vote on Sale to MS

RJ Priest

New member
Feb 13, 2013
We are only hours away from another step in determining the future of Nokia and WP8.

The cutoff date for electronic voting was November 1st. The board is recommending that shareholders vote "FOR" the proposal to confirm and approve the sale of the D&S business.


New member
Jul 4, 2011
There is just so much to deal with here.

Shareholders vote for it? (Can't imagine why not.)

Both countries pass it through regulatory red tape? (I am actually a little worried on this one.)

Microsoft being able to keep key engineers and designers from Nokia in the fold? (Give everyone of them a 5-10% raise, MS, you can't afford to lose them.)

Microsoft can keep distrubution and supply points in place, and improve them? (The second part of that is a 2-3 year "we will see" after everything else clears.)

And even more pressing and more important then the first two thoughts on my list:

What does a new CEO think of devices and services on a traditionally software company?

Man, my brain hurts, and none of this is even a little bit my problem.