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Jul 17, 2014
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Hi all, recently acquired a 640XL to try 10 as I don't yet want to install in on my main device. Using 107 via the fast ring. So far so good though I did have some issues with as SD card (Self inflicted) which has resulted in a minor bug.

I have copied several hundred word, excel and pdf documents to a folder I created called 'Documents' on the SD card. in 8.1 I opened the office app and could search the phone/onedrive for document names and they would all be displayed whatever the file type. In 10 I'm having to open office or excel, click on open, browse to the Docs folder on the SD card they scroll through them all looking for the one i want. I can't find a search function anywhere. I'm sure there must be an easier way, any advice appreciated.

There was a 'Documents' folder on the phone itself but I opted not to use that as the phone is down to 2.5GB avail with only the operating system installed.


I originally has a 32GB SD card installed that I had suspicion was dodgy as an Android phone seen then couldn't see it. I installed 10 (71) and it seemed ok but twice in 4 days it reported the card was faulty and scanned/fixed. The Storage app live tile however only ever showed the card capacity (31GB) and not remaining available. I only had 4 apps installed on it so I uninstalled them, formatted card through phone, unmounted it. I then installed a new 64GB card and reinstalled the same apps. However the live tile is still reporting 31GB capacity. I've had the 107 update since but the live tile is still stuck at 31GB. Its not much of an issue as the app is working correctly when you start it.

Other than this I have to say I'm enjoying 10. Double tap to wake and sleep works, battery life is great compared to my L830 on 8.1, seems very stable compared to my 830 which reboots during podcast playback sometimes (Both using Podcast Lounge and Pocket Casts)

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