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Apr 20, 2014
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Sorry about the title, but I just had to start a thread with Official in it :smile:

So we now have the media app, so yesterday I thought "What USB devices do I have with music on it to test it", I couldn't be arsed to copy files to a stick to try so I just plugged my Sony Walkman in the back, and low and behold I can listen to all my MP3's on my Xbox. OneDrive is taking care of the file serving now with our 1TB of storage per person.

This means I no longer need my PC that I set up as a media center/file server, anyone want to buy a HP Pavilion desktop :smile:

I suppose I could stick it in a cupboard with the printer plugged in :wink:

And my Xbox One now lives up to it's name as the only device I need to serve all my media, OK I admit it would be nice if the MP3's actually showed up in Xbox Music like they do in Windows 8 and WP devices, but I can live with it.

I now only need ONE controller (The media controller does what I want it to) 95% of the time to control my TV, receiver, cable box and Xbox One and we can always talk to it if we want to.

I can now finally show my wife how our system works with a hope that she will be actually able to understand it and control it. In the past I was always regaled with the statement "Don't show me if it needs complicated stuff or doesn't work", now she see's how simple this is, I would really not be surprised if we don't buy another Xbox One for the bedroom TV to turn that into another media center with the same controls as the main set up in the lounge, I could buy the USB TV dongle and also do away with our Freeview hard drive box, again the wife would be happier with just one control.

So getting back to the media app, how are you lot getting on with it, if nothing else it should give people with large collections of MP3's a chance to play their music before they take the short "Understand how Xbox Music works before you play with it" course, so they don't end up hating Xbox Music before they figure out how good it is if you work it properly :devil:


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