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[Photo app] Shii overlays - the first app ever integrated the full shii_overlays sticker set


New member
Feb 27, 2013

If you have ever heard about Shii_overlayas, you may know it's a hot trend on Instagram :eek:rly:


But if you haven't. So Shii_overlays are hand-sketching-look-like stickers with black or white background like this one below:


But the point is how can you use these amazing stickers for your photos on a mobile device :D
let's take a look as this:

tutorial1-2.jpg tutorial3-4.jpg

tutorial7-8.jpg tutorial9-10.jpg

The only way to do it is using Picsart-the only app on store (included ios and android) let you change the blending option of your photo (what you can easily do with Adobe Photoshop on a computer)

But now forget about these complicated things, We have here for you the Shii overlays for windows phone with full (over 550+) shii overlays sticker integrated. Everything is no more easier, just tap and tap, the best stickers is on your finger, Awesome?


And I can say that this is the only app on the store right now (included ios and android) offers you that amazing thing :D

So no wonder why it's on the top+rising apps of 3 countries: US, Canada and Vietnam for weeks from the first day released


Feel free to share and rate for us, if you love it, we'll appreciate it a lot, thz :D

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New member
Jul 14, 2011
The app is very nicely done, I like it. :) Would be cool if I could change the font color for the white or black text overlays though. There are some I really like but that are barely visible when put on a photo. Another nice feature would be, if I could choose a font style and color and write my own custom text. :)