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Photos Backup to OneDrive - Needed to Change Device Name!


New member
Aug 19, 2014
I upgraded my L1520 to 10166 Friday evening. It did require a hard reset in order to function properly. Seems stable for the most part, apart from a couple of glitches when I couldn't wake up the phone when it rang once, etc.

Took a couple dozen photos yesterday, and this morning they are not in the OneDrive folder online. I connected the phone to the PC to synch that way, and the Windows Phone app never recognized the phone being connected, even though I could hear the USB connection notification on the PC when it was connected or disconnected.

Then I thought about the device name, and sure enough, I just needed to change the device name in the settings, reboot the device, and then connect to the PC. All is well.

Now I need to wonder why these pinned apps have no icons this morning: Outlook Mail, Google Mail and Store. The apps are working, and the notification numbers appear when new emails arrive, but they have no icons. Update: The Store icon returned; maybe the mail icons will, too.
Feb 2, 2015
It sounds like you're running apps off of the SD card. I am, and that is what happens to me upon start up when the SD card is being preoccupied. I would just pin the apps to the start screen again.

You can also tell the phone that you want to use the USB connection when you hook up the cable to the phone and use the File Manager on your PC, as opposed to the app. From there you can either copy the files into the OneDrive folder manually, or use the app on the phone to manually upload the files to the Camera Roll, or wherever you want those photos/videos to be. I had a 1 GB video I shot that never has been uploaded to OneDrive. I was not able to upload it manually either. I was able to use Dropbox to put the video in the cloud. On top of this, I still have duplicate folders on the app that do not exist on the OneDrive website.