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Pick up this Energizer smart bulb for dirt cheap

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Dec 17, 2013
You can never go wrong with upgrading your smart home at a discount, and that's exactly what Cyber Monday is all about. The best Cyber Monday deals on smart home products include pretty much any "smart" item you can imagine, from light bulbs to Wi-Fi routers and everything in between. You don't need to spend hundreds on new Echo Shows or Roombas. Case in point: this Energizer smart bulb is only $7 at the moment.
The downside to the deal is that the while the item can be purchased today, shipping won't be available for another two to four weeks. I wouldn't get this as a Christmas gift unless you're fine with it coming in late. Regardless, a lot of other smart bulbs cost over $10 per bulb, so finding this one for $7 is a great deal.

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