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Apr 18, 2012
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I'll stick this under the 8X forum since that is what I'm using for hardware. I'm not sure if this is firmware specific or just a problem with podcasts on WP8 in general.

Has anyone else as of late had problems streaming podcasts? It doesn't matter what podcast I stream they all arbitrarily stop playing at some point during playback. This problem persists both with the WP Store podcast subscription option and the PODCASTS! app. I have no problems streaming music via XBOX Music Pass it has only been podcasts that keep crapping out on me.

I should note for me that sometimes they will restart after the stream stops. But once the stream stops I can't get it to start playing again. Even making sure I back out of the app as to make sure it is closed and not sitting in the background. Sometimes restarted the phone itself still won't allow my to restart the podcast. The music player things it's playing and hitting pause/play has no effect.

It's a very bizarre issue. Would love to see if anyone else has had this issue and whether or not they've found a fix.

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