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Point this $6 Nubee infrared temperature gun at anything to see how hot or cold it is


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013
Point it at anything and get the temperature! I wonder how warm my desk is...
Is this deal for me?
This Nubee temperature gun with infrared thermometer is down to $6.27 as an Amazon add-on item. The Nubee normally sells for around $20, and this is its lowest price ever.
An add-on item requires you to order $25 worth of stuff, although the $6.29 for the temperature gun does count as part of the total. If you aren't over $25 with an add-on item in your cart, Amazon will only let you continue shopping instead of checking out. (Pro tip: Order using your Echo by saying "Alexa, order the Nubee temperature gun" and you may get the add-on price without the add-on limitations!)

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