Preview: Little Nightmares II sends you to a British school from hell

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Dec 17, 2013
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Little Nightmares II is shaping up to be a must-play adventure.
Little Nightmares is a franchise of which I was peripherally aware. For whatever reason, I simply never took the time to dive in and properly check it out. The original came out in 2017 and launched to widespread praise for its atmospheric Tim Burton-esque horror stylings. The game very vividly manages to be simultaneously cute and chilling.
Little Nightmares is essentially a puzzle platformer, operating on a side-scrolling 3D plane. Little Nightmares is made by Tarsier Studios, who worked on Sony's adorable LittleBigPlanet franchise. In some ways, it wouldn't be wild to say Little Nightmares is what might happen if LittleBigPlanet collided with Silent Hill.
Having never played Little Nightmares before, I went into preview Little Nightmares II completely ignorant of what to expect. After the two-hour preview, showcasing two of the game's early environments, I'm now immediately in love with the franchise, and went straight to grab the original and all of its DLC (which, by the way, is currently on sale).
Little Nightmares II launches on February 11, 2021, for every platform, including Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and PC, and here's why it might be among the first must-play games of the year.

[h=3]Schools out[/h][h=4]Little Nightmares 2[/h]

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A day in the life
Little Nightmares 2 continues the spooky-meets-cutesy tales began by its predecessor back in 2017, with expanded gameplay features and a broader scope.

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