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Probe dungeons for monsters and treasure in Time to Die: Adventures


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Time to Die: Adventures is an entertaining Windows 10 game that has you navigating dungeon mazes, battling monsters and discovering treasures. You play the role of Dr. Amelia Stratus who is in search of her missing assistant, who has gotten lost in the darkness of the dungeons.
Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Time to Die: Adventures does have a classic gaming feel, but lacks the old-school graphics. The game's mechanics are simple and offers plenty of challenges that test your skills at combat, strategy and navigation. Time to Die includes forty-five story maps to explore and several downloadable maps to tackle.
There is a time-limited trial version of the game, with the full version currently priced at $1.99. While there is some room for improvement, overall Time to Die: Adventures is a fun game to pick up and spend a little down time with.

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