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Proximity sensor aint responding


New member
May 7, 2014
Hi Guys,
Recently my phone fell from a great height, but luckily i came to know that only the touch digitizer had been broken and cracks on the screen I could see the display!
So i changed the screen and the touch digitizer yesterday (I gave it to an mobile expert) And now i could access my phone back!
But since today morning i'm facing a new kinda problem
Each time i make a call the screen goes black! I cant cut the call and even after the call hangs up (From the person on the other end) I can see the red light blinking! It scares me!
After a lil bit of research u could see many people facing this problem and had their solution of cleaning the screen by removing the scratch guard. Well i dont have any scratch guard put up on my phone
So now what should i be doing?
Should i be opening the case and clean the proximity sensor? Will this cause any kind of damage to my phone?
Please reply ASAP!!!:unhappysweat:


New member
Jul 4, 2011
Are you comfortable doing that?

My advice: Take it back straight away to whoever did the screen work. I believe it has to be related. Go as quick as you can so there will be no bedate about it being a part of your repair. Any professional worth his reputation will look at it for you to ensure his/her work was done correctly.


New member
Sep 14, 2013
I just remembered story with my L710. Its USB/charging port got broken. So I went to store they said they'll fix it for $50. Next day I picked up..proximity sensor was not working (he didn't know what it was), all buttons were fallen down, and they made alot scratches on it. Well, I asked them at least to fix sensor and buttons. Next day, sensor was not fixed. He said it's too small can't fix it. I said give me new phone or fix it. Next day, job wasn't done. I got tired of going there everyday just took it from him. As soon as I plugged in the charger (in car) screen turned off -died in other words.
Ended up getting new phone from him for half price. I never used it