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Rebooting loop and error message 'memory card not working' HELP!


New member
Apr 15, 2012
Hi ive had this fantastic WP7 for a year and until now i havent had any problem what so ever. I think its a smashing piece of kit does everything at ease and its works very smoothly compared to a lot of smartphones out there. Anyhow for the last few days ive noticed it has been crashing randomly but reboots fine no problems..... until this morning. It crashed whilst talking to the wife, reboots fine and then i get a black screen saying "Memory card not working" it then says memory card has changed or is non compatible?? strange thing is as you know is that this phone has a built in memory card so i cant change it! It also says that i need to factory reset so i had to do a cold boot which is the same but only sometimes comes on but crashes as soon as i click on anything!!

Any help would be ideal! i have also called vodafone to see if they knew of this and he said i need to send it back for repairs and the problem is i lost my years warranty last month =(

Before i forget it has the mango update which worked straight away with no problems.

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