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Oct 20, 2008
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Received my redfly on monday the 27th. and I love it. The build quality is nicer than I was expecting, love the rubberized texture. I am using the redfly with my old moto Q until a new phone jumps out at me. The blackjack driver on the celio site seems to work fine so far. I have encountered no issues whatsoever...yet. Even though the original moto Q only has a 312 Mhz pocessor, it seems to handle the redfly just fine. I just have to make sure to limit how many programs are running at the same time. I would love to see how the redfly runs on a 600+ Mhz WM6.1 phone. Bluetooth connects very quickly with just a small amount keystroke lag. I love that you can use the touch pad as a 5 way D pad, nice touch for WM5.0 phones. I was concerned about the redfly's small keyboard before i ordered it, but after using it for a few hours i think it's fine. It is a bit cramped but i can still type on it like a fullsized keyboard. Only two things to gripe about so far. I wish i could use the left and right touchpad keys as my soft keys. It's not really a big deal, just a thought for future key remapping. And I have the charger pin issue that others have mentioned. At least i was expecting it. It works okay if you set it on something that supports the weight of the charger cord so the pin doesn't fall out. I also like the little green led on the side that lets you know when it's charging. My battery was dead when i received it in the mail. I charged the unit for 5 hours and fired it up . My battery doesn't seem to last the full 8 hours that others have claimed. I will plug it in overnight and do a battery drain test over the weekend to see how long it runs. I might just have to cycle the battery a few times and see how it goes. Nice product!

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