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Refund request for most 'Apps that are no longer published"


New member
Jun 18, 2011
Hi guys,

I managed to get refunds for apps that were no longer published in the Marketplace. In case some of you were not sure how to go about it,

1) Locate all your email receipts, the sender should be "MSFT *Zune", "Microsoft Billing Services"

2) Go to windowsphone.com and check your purchase history.

3) Look for those apps that you know you bought with real cash and see if they are marked as "App is no longer published"

4) Check for the corresponding receipt. If you have bought the app with cash and the date is within the last 2 years, than you're eligible for a refund.

5) Go to https://gethelp.live.com/Pages/MSO....WP8&Topic=Accounts and Billing&ForumID=261804 and click on the live chat button. In the description, say something along the lines of "I'm not able to download 'XXX' app anymore. I've contacted the developer and they gave me the link to get a refund.'

I managed to get about $17 in refunds from some games and apps that were no longer published.


Mar 31, 2012
that is awesome dude! Hopefully Microsoft is taking this money back directly from the deadbeat devs so it sends a message!


New member
May 25, 2011
when they are released again then you would have to buy them
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