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Nov 9, 2011
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I recently upgraded from a Radar 4g to the Lumia 521. I liked WP7.5 but I :love: WP8 GDR2 on the Lumia 521 and I've been telling my wife as much. She quite liked her android phone though, even though she was constantly frustrated with its quirkiness. Well, she got so frustrated with it 2 days ago she threw it to the carpeted floor. But she has (a history of :angel:) bad aim and it hit a leg of some furniture and the screen shattered so bad it wouldn't turn on. So, near the end of the day I set her up with my old Radar 4g as a backup until she could get the Galaxy warrantied. The next morning she was saying how she missed her Android phone because she didn't have the apps she wanted. Then she found out that the deductible for her insurance was $150, half the price she paid for the Galaxy S Blaze. By the end of the day she was really liking how simple the windows phone was and was wanting one even though it was a bit lacking in apps. She said she never noticed it before but now that she had been using the windows phone she realized the Android interface is sooo cluttered. So we canceled the insurance claim and I bought a Lumia 521 for her on HSN today for a total of $79.95, slightly more than half of her deductible. Kudos to Nokia for making the best value in smart phones and to Microsoft for making a truly innovative product that is simple and just works! Together they have created another Windows Phone convert. :smile:

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