Resident Evil 2 on Xbox One is a remastered horror masterpiece

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Dec 17, 2013
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Capcom has shown the world exactly how classic games should be remade, and its name is Resident Evil 2.

As I type this intro, I am seconds away from having completed Resident Evil 2. As someone who played the original game through dozens of times as a youngster in the late 90s, I find myself in a state of child-like elation all over again.
What a game, I thought to myself over 20 years ago, and I'm happy to report Resident Evil 2 has the same bone-chilling magic it did back in 1998.
Resident Evil 2 (RE2), more so than Resident Evil 1, is probably responsible for popularizing the "survival horror" video game genre, where tense exploration, puzzle solving, and limited supplies make up the basis of play. Resident Evil 2 takes very little away from the PlayStation 1 classic while adding a lot more, with completely rebuilt visuals, writing, sound, and voice acting. RE2 pays close attention to the locations and creatures RE2 veterans will be familiar with, while throwing a range of surprises into the mix. As a fan, there's very little to complain about with the finished product.
Welcome to our review of Resident Evil 2, which is not just one of the best horror games on Xbox One, but one of the best games period.
Warning: This review contains violent images from within the game.

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