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Restored Photos can't use Nokia Pro Cam - Help !

Apa Mau

New member
Sep 25, 2013
Hi, due to my nokia 1020 keep restarting itself for the last few weeks, it restart almost 30-40 times a day, I have no choice by to do a factory reset.

After all reset are done and account setup ready, I start to copy all my backup photos back to camera roll, I start to find a very big problem on the lumia 1020.

All the photos are automatically stored in Saved Pictures. When you open them up, the Captured by Nokia Pro Cam disappeared from all my photos. I still have lots of photos which I may want to rezoom, reframe.

I then try to move all the saved pictures to Camera roll again via connecting thru my PC. After I move them, photos appear in my camera roll, but I still can't call up any photos taken by nokia pro cam.

It seems there's no way now to reframe your photos in your phone. Other than doing it in PC (which is really messy), any one have the same problem and how do you solve it ?



New member
May 18, 2013
Hey, just open Nokia Pro Cam, hit three dots on bottom right corner, menu will appear, click on 'settings' and then slide down to the end - there's an option described "Find photos and videos from Nokia Pro Cam" and button 'FIND' below. Tap on it.
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