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Review: ExtremeRate's Xbox Controller Shell adds some flair to your gamepad

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Dec 17, 2013

Spice up your Xbox controller.

With the Xbox Design Lab currently offline for renovations, we don't have a large range of colors available for our Xbox controllers. Right now, there's standard black, white, and blue, and now red and white, with no doubt more on the way. There is also a range of other controllers, like the Xbox Elite controller, and third-party options listed in our roundup of best Xbox controllers. Buying a whole new controller by itself is pretty expensive, though. What if there was a cheaper option?
Say hello to ExtremeRate, a company committed to all things customization in gaming. Without the Xbox Design Lab, it's currently impossible to get a red and black Xbox Series X/S controller from Microsoft, but for just $15, you can opt for a DIY option.

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