Review: Little Nightmares 2 on Xbox will give you big nightmares

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Dec 17, 2013
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This game may give you little nightmares.
Little Nightmares launched back in 2017 to widespread praise. Although it was perhaps a tad overlooked at launch, it eventually went on to sell over two million copies. Blending puzzle-platformer elements in a treacherous side-scrolling world, Little Nightmares punched far above its weight with impressive visual storytelling, harrowing enemies, and disturbing atmospherics. Tarsier Studios now has millions of fans under its belt, with a ton of YouTube content dedicated to theories for the game's mysterious storytelling. Little Nightmares II builds on these foundations in a big way, delivering what I firmly believe to be an instant classic, and one of 2021's first must-play games.
As covered in my Little Nightmares II preview, the game follows the events of the prequel, with its unique brand of side-scrolling 3D platforming, light puzzle solving, visual story-telling, and spine-chilling environment. Little Nightmares II evolves the formula with some light combat mechanics, a wider variety of locations, and an all-new cast of twisted enemies that want nothing more than to murder you, and everyone else in this haunted domain.
Here's why I think you should highly consider making Little Nightmares II the next game you play.

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